Japan Map


Hokkaido is the northernmost island among the four major islands in Japan.


Hokkaido has six national parks and has a rich natural environment.


A popular tourist destination to visit many tourists from overseas.


Here is a common transportation method to fly from major domestic cities to Sapporo (New Chitose Airport).


・Sendai-Sapporo 75min.

・Tokyo-Sapporo 90min.

・Nagoya-Sapporo 100min.

・Osaka-Sapporo 110min.

・Fukuoka-Sapporo 135min.





Hokkaido is the widest Pref in Japan. The area occupies 20% of the whole of Japan.

There are six national parks, you can enjoy volcanoes, hot springs, agriculture and fishery, ski resort, climbing, trekking and more.


Hokkaido is about 1/3 the size of the United Kingdom.

The temperature in state capital Sapporo is in the range of -8℃ to 26℃. 


Hokkaido is also well known for fishing industry. Many tourists visit the island and enjoy fresh crab, urchin, scallop and other seafoods.


In winter, high quality of powder snow and numerous mountains in Hokkaido make it popular region for skiing and snowshoeing.